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Individuals and Families

Individuals & Families

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Executives & Businesses

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Not-for-Profit & Charities

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Advice for Individuals and families

Advice for Individuals & Families

How we help you... personally!

We’ve been in this business a long time, and over time, we’ve developed a process for working with our clients that puts them in the best position to succeed.

Our process is a conversation asking you precise questions about your ideal financial future.

We’ll build on this conversation at every check-in. Having a tried-and-true formula like this provides a firm foundation, so you know what to expect and can feel confident that we’re thorough.

  • The first step of that process is asking the right questions to get a picture of your financial situation and where you are today;
  • The second is understanding what your goals are for the future;
  • The third step provides an honest assessment of how attainable those goals are. Which goals are most realistic? Which are your priorities?
  • The fourth step is to explore the actions we need to take to get there; and
  • Then finally, we have a conversation about how comfortable you are with those actions. Are there things you can do? How can we help you stay on track?
Advice for Individuals and families

Advice for Executives & Businesses

How we help your business

For any business, negotiating the complexities of the many areas of business finance can be daunting and time-consuming, especially if your main strengths and expertise lie elsewhere. Seeking expert advice can be a practical and ultimately profitable move.

To achieve anything, planning is crucial. We endeavour to develop a relationship with every client built upon our ability to deliver an individually tailored solution and, over time, become a trusted guide that you can depend upon as you create a prosperous business.

  • Firstly, we want to know where you’re going so we can improve your chances of success;
  • Secondly, we help you imagine the future, accurately defining your objectives, and developing the vital blueprint to propel you to success; and
  • Thirdly, we prepare your business financial plan drawing upon our expertise in the intricacies of business management, tax law, and succession planning, implemented in conjunction with your legal and accounting advisors, working together to accomplish the journey.
Advice for Individuals and families

Advice for Not-for-Profits & Charities

How we help your Community.

It takes experience and in depth knowledge about the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector to get the results you need. We work with many NFPs and foundations.

As a NFP we understand you have specific reporting requirements and have the capability to tailor reports to your needs.

  • For individuals and families: we help you establish suitable structures to enable effective philanthropy including advice in relation to Private Ancillary Funds.
  •  For NFP organisations: the management of the finances and investments of NFPs are complex – no two NFPs are the same. Our specialist NFP adviser takes the time to understand the needs of your organisation and tailors an investment strategy that meets your desired outcomes.
Advice for Individuals and families

Advice for Medical Professionals

How we help your Medical Practice.

As a medical professional you will likely be earning more than the average Australian and feel financially secure. But in the 25,000 odd hours of training you undertook, did you cover the management of your personal finances?

You may require financial planning advice to help navigate the tricky waters of an accelerating career and earning capacity or you may be looking to structure and support a growing practice. We provide you with a tailored investment strategy as well as advice on managing your personal wealth, increasing earning capacity and future-proofing your legacy for generations to come.

Our advisers have the expertise to formulate a financial strategy that focuses on tax minimisation, investment performance, and the best structures to house your assets. We also underpin your plan with a foundation of risk assessment and insurance depending on your personal needs and goals.

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